Lease plan introduces vaccination obligation for office workers in the Netherlands

It’s time. Leaseplan is the primary Dutch employer to oblige employees who need to paintings inside the workplace to be vaccinated against COVID-19. In itself a unique decision, which each person can think of. In reality, it’s far forbidden to oblige employees to be vaccinated. In addition, employees are not obliged to provide their organisation with get admission to to their health. This is only allowed thru the agency doctor.

“New normal is old normal”
What surprises me, but, is the truth that Leaseplan shows that the employer does not agree with within the answer that has been effectively utilized by many corporations for a 12 months and a 1/2: running from domestic. Leaseplan states to the FD: ‘The new normal is again to the antique normal’.

However, it remains to be visible to what extent the vaccination responsibility may also have results for unvaccinated employees. Leaseplan says that it does no longer intend to actively take a look at whether or not personnel who come to the office are simply vaccinated. In other words, you may not be asked to show evidence or the famous QR code of the Coronacheck app upon arrival.

Unions in opposition to Leaseplan choice
Leaseplan has extra than 1000 employees within the Netherlands. For the time being, no (legal) problems are expected as a result of the ‘vaccination obligation’. Various felony advisors are divided approximately this carelessness. As quickly as it becomes a duty, it is prohibited by using regulation inside the Netherlands. This also applies to indirect obligations by using appearing on the moral sense of employees, in keeping with a felony adviser inside the FD.

This does no longer follow to the unions. The FNV, thru Vice-President Kitty de Jong, says it is strongly against a covert vaccination duty that undermines the liberty of personnel. “It is not allowed to oblige at once or circuitously to vaccinate. We are in desire of vaccination and a safe workplace, however with an duty, Leaseplan is setting employees’ rights apart and they are placed below pressure,” stated the vice-chairman.

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